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Ferrero Trading Lux SA enters into an agreement with ALLCOT AG to exclusively market Ferrero’s Gold Standard carbon credits

Ferrero Trading Lux SA has agreed that sustainability solutions provider, ALLCOT AG will have exclusive worldwide marketing and sales rights for its Gold Standard carbon project portfolio. In 2007, Agrigeorgia LLC., a full subsidiary of Ferrero but 100% locally managed company, developed Ferrero’s first carbon project “Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Western Georgia”. The plantation…

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Top 20 voluntary offset buyers

US car marker General Motors has topped a global list of voluntary offset credit buyers, according to NGO Ecosystem Marketplace. In a report drawing from company data disclosed via surveys to not-for-profit group CDP, Ecosystem Marketplace found that 265 companies bought offsets voluntarily over 2012-2013, typically from sectors not covered by carbon regulation such as…

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Sunny Delight celebrates 5 years of zero waste to landfill and other sustainability initiatives

Sunny Delight Beverages Co. (SDBC) released its fifth annual Sustainability Report, detailing its sustainability goals and progress — including an $85 million investment in new production equipment to improve efficiency, a significant reduction in the calorie count for its beverages, and sustaining zero waste to landfill for the fifth consecutive year. “Achieving zero waste to…

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The New Financial Metrics of Sustainable Business: A Practical Catalog of 20+ Trailblazing Case Studies

Innovation for sustainability is quickly approaching mainstream attention. As many stakeholders re-evaluate their perception of business value, it is becoming clear that executives of all industries would be smart to upgrade the ways their teams measure, analyze and innovate along the entire range of benefits and costs for which they are responsible. To help steer…

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A Zero Deforestation agenda is becoming the new normal for international business

The recent announcement by McDonald’s, which outlines its approach to combatting deforestation across its main commodity supply chains, is perhaps the most comprehensive environmental commitment of any major restaurant group. It sets an example for all global organisations in how they should be ensuring sustainability throughout their supply chains, and reflects how a Zero Deforestation…

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The actual increase of companies interest on sustainability

Cultura RSC, a Spanish media, has published an article written by David Torres, our commercial technician. Here you can read the translation: Concern about sustainability and planet’s resources have been increasing in recent years through new practices such as recycling and responsible consumption, as well as on the new legislation in countries around the world…

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