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Ilunion Hotels offset emissions produced by different hotels in the chain during Tree Day in Spain

Ilunion Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains in Spain, has signed an agreement with Allcot to offset carbon emissions produced by all their hotels on 21 March, on the occasion of Tree Day in Spain. So, Ilunion Hotels shows commitment to fight against climate change.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is based on the voluntary contribution of an amount of money proportional to the tonnes of CO2 emitted. This economic contribution is dedicated to projects in developing countries which capture or prevent the emission of a number of tonnes of CO2 equivalent to the amount emitted. Ilunion Hotels has chosen a project in the state of Para, Brazil, The Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation (RMDLT), which is home to one of the most diverse and abundant ecosystems on the planet. This project protects 177,899 hectares of high conservation value rainforest.

RMDLT supports the fragile ecosystem of the Amazonian Rainforest by preventing rampant deforestation and giving degraded forests an opportunity to regenerate. It will prevent net emissions of >20 million tCO2e over the project lifetime (40 years). It also supports 130 families who live and practice subsistence farming within the Project area and provides protected habitat for vulnerable animals including the Giant Anteater, Pearly Parakeet and Black-handed Tamarin.

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