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An area of forest equal to the size of India could be lost by 2050

Tropical forests face a lot of threats, particularly from the logging and agriculture industries. Their continued disappearance from the face of the Earth is therefore no great news — but new research suggests that they may be disappearing even faster than we thought. And that could have big implications for the global effort against climate change. A new report from…

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Orhideea Residence & Spa, the largest Aparthotel and Spa in Bucharest, signs landmark agreement with ALLCOT to measure its carbon footprint and offset its emissions

Orhideea Residence & Spa, the largest aparthotel and spa in Bucharest has signed a two year agreement with ALLCOT to measure and offset its annual carbon emissions. In 2014, it was responsible for generating 418 tCO2e (metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent), mainly from heating and electricity consumption. Measuring its footprint and offsetting its unavoidable…

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Demand for Sustainable Accommodation on the Increase

Shifts in the accommodation preferences of tourists could prompt an increasing number of hoteliers to adopt green building measures. As demand rises amongst both tenants and investors for sustainable, energy efficient properties, environmentally minded tourists are also displaying a growing preference for green accommodation. A swathe of studies over the past several years have found…

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