Business & Nature in harmony

Environmental Initiatives Communication


It is vital to communicate your sustainability initiatives. Here is how we help you

Emissions offset certificate, offset logo and stickers

We will provide you with an emissions offset certificate which includes: number of tonnes offset, previous year’s benchmark (where applicable), project name & ID, project photo and unique serial number.  We will also provide you with an emissions offset logo for use on electronic media, such as your website, blog, presentations, and traditional media (business cards, letterheads, presentations). You will also receive a window sticker, ideal for a vehicle or a storefront to further demonstrate your sustainability credentials.

Public Relations

ALLCOT will provide a draft press release for communicating your sustainability initiative to the media of your choice.  Traditionally, clients use this to engage local and industry media, as well as posting the press release on their website news section and blogs, where applicable. Clients are free to use the ALLCOT draft press release; or amend it or just use their own, as they wish.

Sustainability page or a dedicated Microsite

ALLCOT will provide a full summary page detailing your sustainability initiative that you can place on the sustainability section of your website. If your initiative is on a larger scale and you want to regularly communicate it to your stakeholders, we can offer a dedicated Microsite. This provides a hub for your inititiave that can coordinate the communications, disseminate and archive all project information and updates to existing and new stakeholders. It will host project data and images as well as a carbon calculator, a news section and even an online store to enable you to sell sustainable merchandise and services.

Community Managment

We can build, manage and administer your brand’s online community, for example by managing your facebook, twitter and google+ accounts to communicate your sustainability initiative and also to develop your online presence. Intelligent community management will increase qualified traffic to your website, reinforce your brand and enhance natural search engine optimization to promote your services and products to new clients and existing ones.