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Water Consumption


Water is an essential resource that needs to be optimised to ensure efficient supply and to minimise cost

Careful water management requires measurement to assess operational efficiencies and identify areas of improvement. Education of efficient water usage to stakeholders, including staff, suppliers and customers is another important component of a wider water management strategy.

-Conduct a water usage audit to determine water consumption; find weaknesses in the system and to determine how and where you can make savings in each production process. It will also identify the amount of water used in cleaning facilities, toilets, showers and sinks and enable reduction strategies to be employed in these areas too.

-Undertake a preventive maintenance routine with periodic inspections of pipes, valves and tanks in order to detect leaks and highlights areas of excessive consumption. Regular maintenance enables the rapid repair of leaks and faulty equipment.

-Installation of flow meters and counters, to implement water minimization programs.

-Installation of low-flow systems for tanks and basins.

-Education material to stakeholders on why water matters and how to reduce waste.