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Some of our Clients

“As a hazelnut industry leader, the Ferrero Group has set out to test and disperse a sustainable agriculture system, through the ‘Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Western Georgia’ project. The result is a replicable best practice model for Ferrero, the industry and beyond. In line with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, the Group has embraced its place within society and its role in advancing global development. This Georgian project alone has significantly helped the region, namely on food security, economic opportunity and climate change. To promote this important activity, we are partnering with ALLCOT because of their unique expertise in promoting high quality carbon projects and innovative approach.”

Arduino Borgogno

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"I chose to invest in sustainability through ALLCOT and offset carbon emissions from my company to help to preserve our planet. Also the Getafe sustainability program inspired me to follow his example and make RolDigital sustainable." 

Rubén Torres

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" The negative impact humans have had on our planet has always been very apparent to me,  but it wasn't until I worked in Antarctica in January 2014, that it really hit home. I chose to invest in sustainability through ALLCOT and offset my carbon emissions to help in the fight to preserve our planet".


Scott Ralph

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“As partners in a global company, Jehan Noon and I see the negative impact that pollution and emissions cause.  Ultimately business owners have two options: Do the right thing or ignore the obvious.  With melting ice caps, terrible droughts in India, and our lack of ownership in keeping our planet pure, we have decided to act responsibly to neutralize our emissions through ALLCOT. We all agree that leaving our world a better place for the next generation is a principle that Noon Dalton believes in and demonstrates through this action”.

Edward Dalton

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 "Getafe has agreed a landmark collaboration with ALLCOT. Under the terms of this 5 year commitment, Getafe C.F. becomes one of the leading environmental and socially sustainable first tier clubs in Europe. Through the agreement, Getafe C.F. will demonstrate its environmental commitment and support of climate-friendly operations by neutralizing the greenhouse gases (GHG) it produces."



Alberto Heras

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"It's a big pleasure for Mellow have reached a groundbreaking agreement with ALLCOT to offer our clients the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions. We want to continue demonstrating with actions our commitment to the fight against climate change and take care of the environment.”

Ricardo Gutiérrez

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